Sunday, August 31, 2008


SO the Huntington dance was le-FREAKIN-git!!!!! 
So.......the "theme" we decided was fanny packs!!! Me, lauren and kim all had on fanny packs and colored pants. Legit right? Oh..... and did i mention it was casual?!  We drove to the dance without biz because he got a ride with Allie and Jesica. A little pit stop was made at an Arco for energy drinks because that is a must. We arrive on time without getting lost( thats miracle on 34th street) 

The dance floor is really small and only had one little fan but DONT WORRY that didnt hold us back, we hung out with Jordyn and Jen the whole time and made friends with these girls who had the sickest dance moves i have ever seen since i dont know when! 

The lighting was a little weird it was really dark in the back and light in the front. Huntington is an awesome dance in my book. We had SUCH a good time at the dance i seriosuly loved it!!!!!!!!   Next we went to in N out as usual. Oh BTW we were in Roxanne tonight. ( Gmoney's car) WOOO!! Over all it was a successful night:)  

and pictures will be coming soon of our fanny packs:] 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Its Care and Kim here and we are SOOO stoked for the September "back to school dance" It is always literally the BEST dance of the year, anybody who is anybody will be there getting there groove on. And who knows? Maybe we will actually get asked to dance!!!!!! Probably not. :( 

COUNTDOWN BEGINS NOW: 9 days and counting til that wonderful dayy!!! and yes we already have our outfits planned and a theme which we will reveal to you closer to the date. 

BTW our theme for the Huntington dance is a secret and is legit and will not be revealed until the night of and everyone will just have to go and see :) 

Sunday, August 24, 2008


OMG!!!! Its care and i just got home from the Orange dance! What a night! So we started the night off by getting ready, not in our normal attire but in some legit clothing from thrift shops. My dress is labeled "MAC and CHEESE" and Lauren's was labeled "HOT secretary/librarian" I think they are pretty self explainitory. Ryan was dressed as a nerd complete with suspenders and some sick purple frames. Will had on his awesome red pants which he is a bamf for wearing because they are not appropriate church attire! We left the house around 9, Stopped at circle K to get energy drinks and the normal funny women was working who sees us every saturday night and laughs at us. Finally, we arrive at the dance with dance cards in hand. The dance is SOOOO good and ill tell ya why: the lighting was so dark with strobe lights, the room was full and it wasnt too hot! Sounds perfect right? We all have a ball at the dance the DJ was AMAZING he played Jonas brothers! YIPEEEE!!!!! :)  At 11 sadly the dance ends and we have a sweet dance party in the parking lot with out portable strobe light and disco ball. Now the real story begins...
The four of us are driving down Tustin ave. with the music blaring chamillionaire, when all of a sudden all of us stop because there is a loud THUMP THUMP THUMP coming from where Will is sitting. Ryan directs me to pull over in an empty parking lot because it sounds like a flat! Oh no not a flat we have to go in N out!!! Its a traditions. We all get out of the car and there is no air whatsover in the tire. What a sad sight. So immediately the boys break out into a roadside service. They start cranking things and fixing the tire. As they did all this me and Lauren were no help whatsoever and we got bored and luckily there was a shopping cart that we played on and our AWESOME friends Jacklyn and Whitney came by and gave us some in N out since we were fortunate enough to make it there. As were all sitting playing around a cop pulls into the parking lot! "OH NO" everyone exclaimed!!! Cops scare the shiz out of us. The cop was really chill and just asked us if we needed a tow truck then left. Phewww! After a long time hanging out in an abonded parking lot finally we have four working tires! WOO HOO! Just for good times sake we run into in N out to see if anyone is still there( it was 12:30 by then) Nope no church dancer goers in sight, so the boys got food and we headed back home. BTW Lou bob wouldnt let me go over 20 mph just in case! ANd there ya have it an exciting night! We really really missed kim and were so excited for hunington where we will have her back with us :) :)  :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

HEY!!! This is Caroline!!! So how do we spend EVERY saturday night? Either in Irvine, RSM, Cpress, Orange or even Hunington. These are the cities that hold church dances. I am usually always with Lauren,Kim,Will and Ryan at these dances we drive together and dance the night way! This week was cypress and i am going to judge the dance with these factors 
1. Music
2. People
3. Lighting
4. Temperature
5. Amount of energy
So Cypress was really fun we got energy drinks on the way and the music was really good the DJ rocks but he didnt play Jonas so that is a let down. There were no fans therefore it was a sauna in there! The lighting was just good not too light or not too dark. It was a packed night the room was pretty full! :) After we went to In N out as usual it is the one right by the church building and it is always a little sketch haha anyways we are really looking forward to Orange this saturday however we wil miss kimberly TERRIBLY!!!!