Sunday, September 28, 2008

Orange Dance!!! Rarrr

ME-OOOWW Our theme of the night as you can see is animal print! It was one of our funnest themes so far. The night started when Jen,Jordyn,Rebecca,Lauren and Kim came over to my house to all get ready together. We were all feeling the theme of the night and so stoked for night ahead of us. We all ate a gripload of tacos then left to get energy drinks! We went to circle K and our friend wasnt working:( But we got a new brand of drink and it tasted delicious! Once we got to the dance we had people making comments to us left and right about our matching attire. Now there was 9 girls going with our theme, like completely decked out in cheetah. The dance was soo legit, it was full to the max and the DJ rocks. There was an open area behind the DJ and we decided to dance there and it really made the night so funn!!! For some odd reason i saw like 4 people eat crap tonight. Josh fell twice right in front of us and then 2 random people just face planted lol Ok so we pretty much know we arent gonna ever get asked to dance so we lyrical dance and it soooo fun seriously so much then dancing with lame boys. When the song "Wall to Wall" came on by Chris brown someone yells hurry dance on the wall! So there was like 10 girls dancing at the wall in the front of the dance, so hilarious. When the danced ended( BTW those 2 hours just fly by) EVERYONE knew what was gonna happen next.....Ricky had planted a sign in my car that says Kim, wouldnt it make sence to go to homecoming with ricky and it was written out in pennys! Kim was shocked. Ricky left so she would give her answer at in N out. One N out was a challenge to get to once again. 

Alright so were driving on the 55 freeway bumping some rap Cd of Nate's when we get THE CALL. Jessica and Ally deliver the awful news. "the road to get to in n out is blocked, try to park at Burger King across the street and walk across"  OH NO are you kidding me? Last month we get a flipping flat tire, and now the road is blocked!! Lauren is sitting in the passenger seat handling 2 cell phones,  frantically making and receiving phones calls. Everyone is like did you hear? what the fudge are we gonna do? So we follow a truck that has a yes on prop 8 sticker. ( they must be from the dance) We see larry and a few other cars we know and follow them into a parking lot. We all pile out and start making our trek to in N out. then some 6th warder girls come running saying that the cops wont let us cross. Something sketchy went down on Tustin ave. "OMG time for mormon huddle" Larry says. We come up with plan B: considering we HAVE to go to in N out tonight, most people would give up and go home. Not us!!! We all decide to go to the one by cinema city. On our way over there there is a huge caravan of all us hungry, desperate dance goers. like 10 cars. Then, a bunch of people call us and say they got into the one on tustin. So we tell them to go to cinema city one! We finally get to an in N out! WOOHOO!!! More people show up and its a party! Ricky comes and Kim tells him.......sorry she cant go to homecoming.     hahahah JK she said yes and they hugged awww presh! Oh will those dance pics be cute! Some interesting things happen at in N out: Kim pushed me off the bench, Ryan is walking backwards and talking and rams into a chair and almost falls and lets just say i got EMBARRASSED by something on Courtney's phone that Josh went around showing everyone! All in all it was the Best night! The wild goose chase for hamburgers and everyone falling and of couse our FIERCE theme.
Next week is IRVINE were counting the days and daydreaming in class of how it will turn out. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cypress/EFY dance

Alright, so sorry to keep everyone waiting this post took me awhile to get going. Saturday was the Best of EFY dance. This was an all day event with speakers and a talent show and in N out. However, our day/night turned into much more then that.....It all started at my house: Kim, Courtney and Amy met at my house to go to Laguna Niguel. (Lauren was gonna meet us there later due to previous plans) We had on our HOTT heels and new outfits and im not gonna lie, we looked SMOKIN!! Getting there, we got completely lost because of the lame mapquest directions(never trust those) but thankfully we called Jules and once again she came to the rescue and got us there. The building looks like a temple is absolutely beautiful. As were walking up to the door, my ankle like gives out and i just kind of collapsed to the ground! The girls were dieing they were laughing so hard.  We walk in, oh ya BTW we were 1 hour and 45 minutes late. We watch the speakers then look around EVERYONE is like 12 and mostly girls. We were like "Oh no" this dance is gonna suck. and the talent show and In N Out, you don't even get fries!! What are we gonna do?? PLAN B: Lets ditch this joint and go to the Cypress dance! One problem...we have 4 hours to spare. "No problem, I saw a nickle nickle earlier" someone yelled. So we leave and go eat at In N Out and actually get some fries then we left our scripts at the church so we go back to the church to get them, so embarrassing. We eat, take some pics with the crossing palm trees then go to nickle nickle. That was a blast, everyone was staring at us we did have smokin hot church outfits on. lol. We ran out nickels and just hung out in Laguna Niguel taking pics on some random stairs. 

Now we get on the freeway with like 2 hours till the dance and were like ok we will just be the first ones there. NOT, we see the irvine spectrum and get off the freeway. In the parking garage i cause a 20 car back up because the expedition  is impossible to park. We made a few enemies. At the spec we got some sees candy samples and a women selling hair products curls some off Courtney's hair then she straightens it again. We would have rode the ferris wheel but we were out of mula by that point. Ok its finally time to head to the dance!!! We stop for gas and get energy drinks and 2 new ones. Courtney and Amy drink the energy drinks with me and kim and INSTANT energy! As were all pumped and ready to go dance, it starts smelling like burning rubber. Were like "OH NO" are you kidding me? We pull over into a Dennys and check out the expedition and everything seems fine so we use their restroom then merge back onto the freeway. we get lost again. Call Todd Love and he gives us direction, thank goodness! We arrive at the dance after 6 hours of us all being together , driving around doing random stuff!! VICTORY we made it!!!!!! 

The dance actually was really fun, it was hot but there was a medium amount of people there. The music was kind of a let down except for the song highlights which were: BURNIN UP, Sandstorm, ay Bay Bay, and dont stop believing. As usual, we dont get asked to dance and so what do we do?.....Lyrical dance!!!! On the last song, im leaping around with Lauren, Jen and Jordyn and my ankle gives out AGAIN and i eat crap and hit the floor soooo hard!! People i dont even know are asking me if i was ok. I got up in 1.5 seconds and ran out! Atfter, everyone goes to the In N oOut which is on the same street as the dance. I pulled out of the parking lot and turned right(BIG MISTAKE) We pull up next to some boys and were talking to them and they distract us so we dont even notice that we arrive at in n Out and it is not the right one!! We cal Larry and he gives us directiopns to right one. By the time we got there, everyone was walking to their cars! We eat with all the thugs of Cypress. I drop off Lauren,Will,Jacklyn,Courtney and Kim then head home from a LONG day!!!!!!
This week is Orange and its gonna be amazing. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Upcoming Themes:

This saturday the theme will be HOT high heels and all brand news outfits!!

Orange Dance: Safari/Animal print theme!!! (i cant wait) 

Irvine: Will be a secret....its just that good :) 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to School Dance:)

Yet school started only a week ago and everyone is a little depressed, we had a marvelous thing to look forward to. On Wednesday there was a combined stake dance with the Anaheim East stake and the Placentia stake. You know what that means? PARTY!!! Yaya! 

Even though it was just a casual dance, obviously we couldn't just dress "casual". Where is the fun in that? So... the theme was 80s baby! Lauren,Kimberly and I had on tights, running shorts, crazy shirts, fanny packs, funky jewelry and psychedelic make-up. Ryan was sporting a white V-neck and funny headband and William had on red pants and a LEGIT jacket with cut off sleeves straight from the 80s. Jordyn, Jen, Jessica and Ally had on tie dye shirts! (homemade)

We arrived at the dance ontime! We stayed in the car for a little bit and partied it up then headed off into the stake center. As we walked in EVERYONE noticed and commented on our outfits. The danced ended up being HUGE!!! Every person was there and it was completely full from the front to the back. A GIGANTIC plus was that there was a slushy machine!! It doesn't get any better then that. We brought three cups of slushy and put in on the stage and sipped it the whole time. 
One thing that we decided was that the fanny packs really come in handy at dances. Say that you want some lipgloss or gum, just reach down and POW you got it! The contents of out fanny pack included: lipgloss, portable fan, gum, cell phone, camera, car keys and usually a dance card but that was unnecessary for this dance. 

After, you know we had to dance in the parking lot. All of our mothers were out there telling us to "Go home, you have seminary tomorrrow" but its a tradition sorry momma we have to dance! We had the strobe light, disco ball, and speakers and went from car to car and the funniest part was when there was a bunch of us around Ricky's car and someone yells " PO PO!!" and i look over and the stake presidency is walking out of the dance. EVERYONE runs to their cars and that is how the dance party ended. It usually goes until someone crashes it which is a thrill.  

Now you would think that night is over. NOT YET. As were driving home from dropping off courtney, a car full of older guys pull up and there like "hey girls" and were like uhh uhh hi and look away. Then they speed past us with a HUGE FAT WHITE thing hanging out of the window!! We were appalled we honked and tried to get behind them, but they kept changing lanes getting next to us! Ahh it was disgusting and defiantly not the first time we have been mooned after a dance. 

This weekend the dance has been cancelled in RSM, we have an insider in that stake and she informed us of this tragic news. We might go to Mission Viejo for a whole new dance experience but who knows we will just wait and see how the crew is feeling. 

(More pics will be coming)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

IRVINE (Aka biggest dance of the year)

Driving "THE BUS"

Ok so its the morning after the BOMBEST dance of the year!!! And before I say anything about the dance i will announce our theme: BLACKNIGHT(meaning no color whatsoever) Anyways we all got ready together and had our blacked out outfits picked out for about a week now (about a month for Lauren.) lol Oh and i had a wardrobe malfunction when i realized my black skirt was ripping at the slit so thank goodness for Jules to the rescue she wipped out her sewing machine and fixed it up in a jiffy.  Tonight is a little differant we have some additions to the crew we have our friend Emily from Chino and Jim and Shubin who are pretty ammature dance goers right now. As we were getting ready we were talking about who we were gonna pick up with Emily and she remarks with "what are we driving to the dance a bus?" and lauren says "nope just an expedition but close enough" So the car was full and we headed on our merry way to Circle K and got energy drinks, talked to our friends that worked there, then merged on the freeway. A little side note is the expedition CD player wasnt working that day and we CANT go to a dance without music so we were so desperate we got an adapter and plugged in Lauren's speakers. can you say getto??! haha We made our entrance to the dance with THE usual entrance song 4 minutes by Madonna with the speakers sticking out the window! The line was out the door, no shocker there. So we walk in the dance and probably see every person on the planet that we know! NO JOKE everyone was there is was freaking legit. Some of the song highlights were SOS, Disturbia, and Forever. We danced ALL night even to Cotton eyed joe which is huge because that song sucks. Out of the 3 slow songs Kim got asked once and thats about it for our slow dancing track record. PATHETIC.  whatever we still had SOOO much fun! The temperature was mild, it was really hot on the dance floor but was fine if you headed over to one of the many fans they provide at the Irvine stake center. 

After the dance, we had portable strobe light and disco ball and we put them on Whitneys car and start dancing to sandstorm when all of a sudden i look around and there is at least 20 kids dancing around her car!! Unfortunalty, then comes the after dance Natzii and makes us turn off the light and get away from the car, so what do we do? Move onto the next car, mine!!! After, all this it is ABSOLUTE mayhem trying to get out of the parking lot and somehow we make it out and go to in N out!! Our entrance song for in N out out was Spice girls. The line was out the door and i dont think there was anyone in that restaurant not in church clothes literally every table was full of dancers! We stayed til like 12:30 then headed home and I dropped off the crew and called it a night. So sad to have it over:( But on the bright side there is a dance on Wednesday night for the Anaheim East stake and Placentia stake so check out the blog Thursday for a new post:)