Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Huntington Beach Dance:)

Sooo we pretty much decided about an hour before that we wanted to go this dance. We didnt plan on it all week therefore- no theme for the girls. Ryan and Jim had on their "rosy" vests. These things caused alot of attention for them. We brought along tori with us who has been with us before and loves going to dances. She is a dance crew member in the making. The dance was fun, kinda hot and crowded but LEGIT music!!! A downside was that missed Lauren terribly. She had some unexpected "drama" that kept her from this dance. Constantly i would look around for her. Its just kinda weird not having the whole trio there. We didn't really get asked to dance. Huntington will never be a really really good dance, it is just a church dance, nothing amazing. BUT this upcoming week we have Irvine baby and a Valentine's dance on wednesday at the stake center. these are always the best weeks, 2 dances in 7 days thats what i call a legit week. Irvine should most likely have a theme, we will see how our week goes if we can come up with one and get the stuff. Its not easy being a member of the "dance crew" im not gonna lie, but i love it!!!!! Kimber is getting wisdom teeth and some oral work done on Friday so she will probably be no show for irvine :( That sucks! We r gonna miss her!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orange-Nerds nerds nerds

The theme for the night was NERDS!!!
Me Lauren and Kim had on suspenders, glasses, backpacks, pencil skirts, v-necks and gelly shoes. This was by far the funnest theme. Ryan, brett, Colin and Joey were also dressed like nerds. We all tried really hard to get into character.  the backpacks which were all matching were found thrifting, contained pencils, calculator, water, bannanas, juice boxes, and chapstick. 

BEST entrance. Brett drove us in his sick Nova with racing stripes, and we pull into the parking lot and did the sickest burn out ever!!! Throughout the night, alot of people actually complimented our outfits, especially in the bathroom. Did any of  the nerds get any action with the opposite sex? nope! No one wants to ask a nerd to dance. Instead we were wall-flowers where we belong. Now this dance was very darky, it was hard to see who anyone even was, especially with my glasses fogging up every five minutes. The only way i found my friends was by locating Gibler's(kim) neon legit skirt. Ryan was doing work as usual in gold suspenders. He gets funnier and funnier every dance. The music was bumping, some highlights were "Just dance", "Love Story" and the ultimate slow song "Out of my League".  So all of our skirts were kinda short to start with, and the suspenders dont help, they totally pulled them up and i had a wardrobe malfunction towards the end of the dance. On the last slow song i jumped and felt my slit double in size! Kack! Now i had to pull it completely down and walk weird.  Once we got back into brett's legit ride, we got a call from Courtney saying that she put her keys in my backpack and she was stranded at the dance!! Great, except for that Whitney had my backpack. So whitney was already at in N out and she had to go back to the dance and rescue Courntey. That wasn't our only key dilema. i parked at brett's house and my keys were in my backpack. Oh wait somehow they weren't there anymore. We got a ride home with corbin from brett's house and i had to retrieve my car the following day with spare keys. Besides that drama we had an awesome night!! We missed will and Ishy because they were shredding it up in the mountains. Oh ya and did i mention, no more energy drinks? The dance crew is cutting back. too many calories in those bad boys. 

Friday, January 16, 2009


I really wanted to blog about this dance. But there are no words to describe. Just breathe-taking. There were black lights hanging from the ceiling and all of the walls and great music and sooo many people. It was not expected to be THIS good. I think after this one, EVERYONE is a fan of RSM.  We were decked out in white and glowing with everyone else in white. This dance was some real potential for 2009, there will be a 70s dance coming up in March and a valentines dance in February!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

BEST DANCE OF 2009!!!!

December 31,2008/ January 1,2009= BEST night of the dance crew's year!!
We started out the night right by getting ready all together and getting energy drinks and choosing a theme song of the night. It had to be the best of 2008 and so we pondered for about a minute then Will just threw a suggestion of " A Milli" by Lil Wayne.  We all agreed it was PERFECT since we always listen to that on the way to dances in 2008. It was such a classic. We had a rookie with us, this was Holly Kaline's 1st "real" dance!!! She was soooo excited and so were we. We also had Allie Lumsden with us for the first time woo!! When we arrived to the orange stake center, it was decked out with safari theme with a jeep and animals everywhere and Indiana Jones even came out for the event. Sure was exciting! The dance was LEGIT!! It had bounce houses, chocolate fountain, fruit, rootbear, fog machine, jules, Rodney, and decorations. And a shoutout to the best chaparones there, Jules and Rodney!!!!!!!! And it must have been a Christmas miracle, but we got asked to dance a number of times. At the stroke of midnight, balloons came down and we got a little trampled. It was a great way to bring in the new year!! So we put on our happy new year hats and said goodbye to 2008!  After, it was sooo foggy that we had to take side streets and drive very slowly and my parents were so concerned so they waited for us to eat in n out and followed us home. We all made it home safe and sound and didnt even attend the after partyy that we were invited to. Instead we snuggled up with corn and rice and heating pads and watched mama mia. Dancing for 3 hours straight really does wear ya out! the next day we had to go in the jucuzzi to rest our sore dancing muscles. I am already looking forward to next years new years eve. I wonder what the theme will be? 

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So New Years eve dance will be held at the Orange stake Center and it is themed for everyone and  it is "Lost in the jungle" The dance crew is working on outfits. Here is a little hint: we will be making some of our outfits. This is our 3rd year going to this dance and it has been the FUNNEST dance of the year every year. Lets hope we can ring in the 09  year at the orange dance in a good way, f you know what i mean. Anyways expect a HUGE post on the blog new years day. Probably not until late afternoon, i have a feeling we are all gonna be a little dead the next morning. Any ideas for the safari/jungle theme, let me know!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Huntington Dance ~ Casual

So this dance is special it only happens when there is 5 weeks in a month. And it is casual dress...even better!!  Our theme was vests and as you can see we are all sporting some nice vests. Even lou bob had on a vest(not pictured) Anyways, there was a HUGE dilemma when our friend decided not to go so we didn't have a ride. I can no longer drive to dances because of my ticket. Most of you know about it thanks to brother Georgianna who announced it in sacrament meeting over the PULPIT!!!! Ya not cool. So our great friend Whitney drove us all in her yukon and we did work. We got to the dance and yes we actually got asked to dance. NOT NORMAL. Ryan wanted to take a picture of it, because literally the first slow song we all got asked. And slim pickins on the males at this dance. This dance was like an episode of the hills it full of so much unnecessary stupid drama. But we just tried to forget about the shady people and dance. the biggest and best news of the night was when Ryan got a compliment from "Jonas brother" really just a guy who looks like Joe Jonas. This kid has taste and i was proud to call Ryan my brother. Will and Jim drove with Ishmeal and had a great time. After, we went to in N out and did work on the food. When this dance was over, we thought about taking ice baths, thats how tiring these things are. Next week is Irvine and the theme is confidential! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are having withdrawls.

so it has been like what 3 weeks since the crew has gone to a dance? like really? Were not sure if we even remember how to dance. thats sad. We only talk about it everyday, daydreaming. 

Obviously this past weekend, we couldn't make it to cypress because of the awful fires. the weekend before, we had no ride all the out to RSM so we went to a dance party in YL which was actually really fun!

 And want to hear the worst news of all? Orange is cancelled this weekend. just to make sure, we will be texting the DJ to find out the truth. On a happier note, the crew will still live it up this weekend at a dance party here, hopefully it happens. 

We need a theme, for Irvine next weekend, any ideas? We were also of thinking of themeing this weekend's dance party. It needs to be somewhat normal but legit, any ideas? 

also, i just heard about a mormon dance club in Utah?! What the chafe?! We need to get ourselves one of those. PLEASE someone open one up here!