Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Huntington Beach Dance:)

Sooo we pretty much decided about an hour before that we wanted to go this dance. We didnt plan on it all week therefore- no theme for the girls. Ryan and Jim had on their "rosy" vests. These things caused alot of attention for them. We brought along tori with us who has been with us before and loves going to dances. She is a dance crew member in the making. The dance was fun, kinda hot and crowded but LEGIT music!!! A downside was that missed Lauren terribly. She had some unexpected "drama" that kept her from this dance. Constantly i would look around for her. Its just kinda weird not having the whole trio there. We didn't really get asked to dance. Huntington will never be a really really good dance, it is just a church dance, nothing amazing. BUT this upcoming week we have Irvine baby and a Valentine's dance on wednesday at the stake center. these are always the best weeks, 2 dances in 7 days thats what i call a legit week. Irvine should most likely have a theme, we will see how our week goes if we can come up with one and get the stuff. Its not easy being a member of the "dance crew" im not gonna lie, but i love it!!!!! Kimber is getting wisdom teeth and some oral work done on Friday so she will probably be no show for irvine :( That sucks! We r gonna miss her!