Sunday, November 30, 2008

Huntington Dance ~ Casual

So this dance is special it only happens when there is 5 weeks in a month. And it is casual dress...even better!!  Our theme was vests and as you can see we are all sporting some nice vests. Even lou bob had on a vest(not pictured) Anyways, there was a HUGE dilemma when our friend decided not to go so we didn't have a ride. I can no longer drive to dances because of my ticket. Most of you know about it thanks to brother Georgianna who announced it in sacrament meeting over the PULPIT!!!! Ya not cool. So our great friend Whitney drove us all in her yukon and we did work. We got to the dance and yes we actually got asked to dance. NOT NORMAL. Ryan wanted to take a picture of it, because literally the first slow song we all got asked. And slim pickins on the males at this dance. This dance was like an episode of the hills it full of so much unnecessary stupid drama. But we just tried to forget about the shady people and dance. the biggest and best news of the night was when Ryan got a compliment from "Jonas brother" really just a guy who looks like Joe Jonas. This kid has taste and i was proud to call Ryan my brother. Will and Jim drove with Ishmeal and had a great time. After, we went to in N out and did work on the food. When this dance was over, we thought about taking ice baths, thats how tiring these things are. Next week is Irvine and the theme is confidential! 

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kkendig said...

i've heard so much about this "jonas" brother. i want pictures of him. i like casual. i love vests. can't wait until next time. you've got me wondering what the theme will be.