Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are having withdrawls.

so it has been like what 3 weeks since the crew has gone to a dance? like really? Were not sure if we even remember how to dance. thats sad. We only talk about it everyday, daydreaming. 

Obviously this past weekend, we couldn't make it to cypress because of the awful fires. the weekend before, we had no ride all the out to RSM so we went to a dance party in YL which was actually really fun!

 And want to hear the worst news of all? Orange is cancelled this weekend. just to make sure, we will be texting the DJ to find out the truth. On a happier note, the crew will still live it up this weekend at a dance party here, hopefully it happens. 

We need a theme, for Irvine next weekend, any ideas? We were also of thinking of themeing this weekend's dance party. It needs to be somewhat normal but legit, any ideas? 

also, i just heard about a mormon dance club in Utah?! What the chafe?! We need to get ourselves one of those. PLEASE someone open one up here!

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kkendig said...

of course there are mormon dance clubs in utah. some themes:
pretty in pink - thrift store dress turned fabulous, or just pink.

i still think indian (india) princess. sari, dot, lots of bangles, or just dress like kelly kapur from the office, or a cheetah girl

cheetah girl night- chanel, aqua, dorinda- yes i know their names.

fiesta night- cha, cha, cha-

btw-was gibbler's house okay? i forgot to ask when i saw you guys at the church.