Saturday, January 3, 2009

BEST DANCE OF 2009!!!!

December 31,2008/ January 1,2009= BEST night of the dance crew's year!!
We started out the night right by getting ready all together and getting energy drinks and choosing a theme song of the night. It had to be the best of 2008 and so we pondered for about a minute then Will just threw a suggestion of " A Milli" by Lil Wayne.  We all agreed it was PERFECT since we always listen to that on the way to dances in 2008. It was such a classic. We had a rookie with us, this was Holly Kaline's 1st "real" dance!!! She was soooo excited and so were we. We also had Allie Lumsden with us for the first time woo!! When we arrived to the orange stake center, it was decked out with safari theme with a jeep and animals everywhere and Indiana Jones even came out for the event. Sure was exciting! The dance was LEGIT!! It had bounce houses, chocolate fountain, fruit, rootbear, fog machine, jules, Rodney, and decorations. And a shoutout to the best chaparones there, Jules and Rodney!!!!!!!! And it must have been a Christmas miracle, but we got asked to dance a number of times. At the stroke of midnight, balloons came down and we got a little trampled. It was a great way to bring in the new year!! So we put on our happy new year hats and said goodbye to 2008!  After, it was sooo foggy that we had to take side streets and drive very slowly and my parents were so concerned so they waited for us to eat in n out and followed us home. We all made it home safe and sound and didnt even attend the after partyy that we were invited to. Instead we snuggled up with corn and rice and heating pads and watched mama mia. Dancing for 3 hours straight really does wear ya out! the next day we had to go in the jucuzzi to rest our sore dancing muscles. I am already looking forward to next years new years eve. I wonder what the theme will be? 

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kkendig said...

okay i received first hand account about how awesome you guys were. also heard about rodney participating. way to go! can't wait to see what the line up is for 2009. you need to schedule in advance so there aren't any conflicts getting in the way of the best year ever!!!!!