Friday, January 16, 2009


I really wanted to blog about this dance. But there are no words to describe. Just breathe-taking. There were black lights hanging from the ceiling and all of the walls and great music and sooo many people. It was not expected to be THIS good. I think after this one, EVERYONE is a fan of RSM.  We were decked out in white and glowing with everyone else in white. This dance was some real potential for 2009, there will be a 70s dance coming up in March and a valentines dance in February!!!


Vicki Windes said...

G-Money says you guys are awesome, I love your blog and you know I love you! Dance on, teen-Mo's, it's the best! I will tell you something, your G-ma went to the SAME, but not as cool, dances when I was the same age, can you believe the history of the Stake Dance is that old!

kkendig said...

whats up with granny posting before me. not cool. oh well since i like her so much i guess i will let it slide. i am so envious. i wish that i could have gone to that dance. just last night as i was riding alice in wonderland looking at my clothes glowing and how dirty my ring is because only a few of the stones were glowing (the others have a nice protective coating of lotion and dirt)i was thinking to myself how much i enjoy a goo black light. i might have to go buy one of those light bulbs and have a special black light room in my house. i'll let you know.