Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orange-Nerds nerds nerds

The theme for the night was NERDS!!!
Me Lauren and Kim had on suspenders, glasses, backpacks, pencil skirts, v-necks and gelly shoes. This was by far the funnest theme. Ryan, brett, Colin and Joey were also dressed like nerds. We all tried really hard to get into character.  the backpacks which were all matching were found thrifting, contained pencils, calculator, water, bannanas, juice boxes, and chapstick. 

BEST entrance. Brett drove us in his sick Nova with racing stripes, and we pull into the parking lot and did the sickest burn out ever!!! Throughout the night, alot of people actually complimented our outfits, especially in the bathroom. Did any of  the nerds get any action with the opposite sex? nope! No one wants to ask a nerd to dance. Instead we were wall-flowers where we belong. Now this dance was very darky, it was hard to see who anyone even was, especially with my glasses fogging up every five minutes. The only way i found my friends was by locating Gibler's(kim) neon legit skirt. Ryan was doing work as usual in gold suspenders. He gets funnier and funnier every dance. The music was bumping, some highlights were "Just dance", "Love Story" and the ultimate slow song "Out of my League".  So all of our skirts were kinda short to start with, and the suspenders dont help, they totally pulled them up and i had a wardrobe malfunction towards the end of the dance. On the last slow song i jumped and felt my slit double in size! Kack! Now i had to pull it completely down and walk weird.  Once we got back into brett's legit ride, we got a call from Courtney saying that she put her keys in my backpack and she was stranded at the dance!! Great, except for that Whitney had my backpack. So whitney was already at in N out and she had to go back to the dance and rescue Courntey. That wasn't our only key dilema. i parked at brett's house and my keys were in my backpack. Oh wait somehow they weren't there anymore. We got a ride home with corbin from brett's house and i had to retrieve my car the following day with spare keys. Besides that drama we had an awesome night!! We missed will and Ishy because they were shredding it up in the mountains. Oh ya and did i mention, no more energy drinks? The dance crew is cutting back. too many calories in those bad boys. 

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kkendig said...

i am glad to hear about the energy drinks. those things are just plain bad for your body. plus they taste like poo, so i've heard anyway. awesome theme. i don't think i've ever seen a cuter bunch of urkels in my life. its too bad that other people don't appreciate the time and work that goes into these outfits. i think that they would have so much more respect for you if they did. because respect=dancing. thanks for the thumbs up on the hair. i was a little worried about the weave, but after your approval felt all of my butterflys fly away!